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Welcome to Cathy Johnson's Page

Cathy Johnson 

There are more than 250,000 survivors who were diagnosed with breast cancer before age 40 living in the US today. They are navigating an already permanently altered life after cancer now compounded by COVID-19.

Sadly, as with pretty much everything else in our world of 2020, the official Tour de Pink West was canceled. YSC’s mission to ensure that no woman faces breast cancer alone—that has not been canceled.

COVID-19 has devastated so much but CANCER HASN’T BEEN CANCELED!

To that end, Team Gear It For the Girlz, with whom I have ridden since their inception several years ago, decided to ride a one day Tour de Pink, on October 24th, 2020 the weekend we would have been riding the official TdP west coast. They are in the Los Angeles area and invited me to join them. I gratefully said yes! We are officially registered and raising needed funds for YSC.

I have set my fundraising goal at $2020 for this year’s shortened ride. Let’s make something great out of a difficult year and change lives for the better.

Please make your tax-deductible donation today!

This has been a heartbreaking year from losses of friends and fellow riders from past Tour de Pinks. Cindy, was a member of Girlz and rode with us last year. As we hugged goodbye, she said to me: “I hope I see you next year.” Sadly, Cindy died early this year. Her husband will ride with us as we honor and remember her. A couple weeks later, Mo died, she of the light shining around her, whom I met in 2018. Then, shortly after that, my friend Alane from Minnesota, whom I met and rode with on Tour de Pink east coast, died after valiantly fighting metastatic cancer for many, many years. I have wonderful memories of riding with her, including her sliding into me after I crashed on the slippery bridge in 2012 and fractured my pelvis. We bonded over that crash and remained in touch until her death. She was an inspirational force. Of course, I continue to ride in Libby’s memory, as well as your loved ones.

I ride because I can. I ride to honor all our loved ones, those surviving and those we’ve lost. I ride because your generosity allows me to.

I know we have all been affected by cancer. Together, let’s make life a little bit easier for those with cancer. Please come along for the ride. Once again, I ask you to help support YSC, TdP and me, as we join together to support women with breast cancer.

I hope you will join me again this year and make 2020 a little bit easier for those with cancer.

With heartfelt gratitude and love.



raised of $7,020 goal

Recent Donations

1. Jeannie Citerman-Kraeger
BRAVO Cathy! Much Love to you ... Thank you for all you do!
2. Heidi Levine/Ted Berkowitz
CJ we are so grateful that you are riding in honor and in memory of all of our friends from the TdP, YSC and beyond when we are unable to do so this year. And in honor of Ted too. we love you and will be hoping for tailwinds in all directions! Go Cathy! xoxoxo
3. Eduardo Lucio-Villalon
4. Alic & Kevin
Wishing you tailwinds & a tremendous ride CJ! We love you!
5. Dobra Linda
Cathy, you are STILL amazing! I always am so moved by your stories and your commitment to the cause. These days, meaningful and thoughtful endeavors carry that much more weight. I needed that uplifting & motivational story now more than ever! Thanks for riding again for all these women. Best & be safe, Linda
6. Anonymous
Member of

Team Gear it for the Girlz