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Cathy Johnson 

Cathy Johnson

It is with deep sadness that I begin my letter to you this year with the news that Lisa J. Frank, a founding member of YSC and co-founder of the Tour de Pink, died December 30, 2020 at age 58. I don’t think I can fully express the impact her death will have on our community. She fought a ferocious battle with breast cancer for 22 years, like the warrior she was; the last nine of those years was with metastatic disease. She thrived, touched thousands of lives and leaves a legacy that is unrivaled in providing hope and services to young women with breast cancer. I will ride with a heavy heart to honor Lisa and help ensure the organization she dedicated her life to continues to support women with breast cancer. Appropriately, the ride has now been renamed the YSC Tour de Pink Lisa J. Frank Memorial Ride.

The past 20 months have been like nothing we have ever lived through.Last year’s official ride was canceled because of COVID-19. It was touch and go whether YSC would be able to stay afloat after furloughing most of their staff and having no official TdP, it’s largest fundraiser. This year, the ride is returning with a one day ride on October 23rd in Ventura, CA. Needless to say, logistics are difficult with COVID and safety has to be paramount. YSC and our TdP community needs this ride, especially this year, to continue to provide support, services, assistance and hope to women with breast cancer. We need to come together to honor and remember Lisa and her legacy, in addition to all our loved ones. Lisa will always be Rider #1.

This will be my 12th ride; my first was in 2007. I set my initial fundraising goal at $3000 for this year’s ride. Let’s make something great out of a difficult year and change lives for the better.

I ride because I can. I ride to honor all our loved ones, those surviving and those we’ve lost.

I know we have all been affected by cancer. Together, let’s make life a little bit easier for those with cancer. Please come along for the ride. Once again, I ask you to help support YSC and the TdP Lisa J. Frank Memorial Ride and me, as we come together to support women with breast cancer.

I hope you will join me again this year and make 2021 a little bit easier for those with cancer.

Please make your tax-deductible donation today!

Thank you in advance for your support and generosity.


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