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Tour de Pink West Coast WEST COAST RIDE
October 27-29, 2017
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Welcome to Dawn Nee's Page

Dawn Nee 

Hello! I have procrastinated in writing this year. Or rather, I keep starting, and having to stop, feeling that my mood, or prose, is too negative, too dark. Perhaps, I'll just write, and you can decide.

This is my 4th year participating in this amazing event. I ask, humbly and with great appreciation, that you consider a donation of any amount to this fantastic organization.

I was diagnosed with Stage 4, metastatic breast cancer, 5 years ago. This past year, and my current health, have provided difficulties. Metastatic disease is clever, and will eventually figure out a way to neutralize a working drug, to become immune to a previously effective agent. It is exhausting this never ending cat and mouse where one is always the mouse. I try to be a focused mouse, I try to enjoy all those moments where the cat is sleeping lazily in the sun. However, at some point, the cat awakens and looks for its' mouse. During those times, I get aches, bone pain, bone fractures, spasms so severe I can't stand, fatigue and the obvious consequences of having bones being so fallible. I have had a kyphoplasty in my back vertebrae to prevent the bone from collapsing. I have had a full hip replacement where they took half the femur and left me possibly with a permanent giddy up in my get up and go. I have had fractures in my neck. As I write I have several fractured ribs and a broken collar bone.

When things are going as planned, and the cat is away, bones usually don't break, but the rest of the body deals with the side effects of whatever treatment regimen is currently being tried. It is a balance. Today, after a 3rd round of a chemotherapy called Doxil, I have skin cracking and blistering everywhere skin comes into contact with any friction or bend. Doxil knocks me out for weeks and I could sleep most of the day. And, it is not working. So, my doc will try something else, and we will wait for a month or two and try to figure out if it is working, if it is effective. And with every new drug, the working around the side effects.

Most folks I know with metastatic disease will gladly suffer the side effects, because, as they say, the alternative isn't so good. lol.

I also know that the human spirit is an amazing thing. I read back through what I just wrote, and it reads so negative, yet, I know that, objectively, I am pretty blessed. I have a beautiful wife, an 11 year old daughter who constantly amazes me, a loving and supportive family, wonderful friends and a chocolate lab. I can't run any more half marathons, but I can still pedal. I still love and laugh and dance and know beauty.

This ride, what I am hoping to entice you to donate for, helps support an organization that provides an amazing amount of resources and support for young folks who have breast cancer, and for folks such as myself, who have metastatic disease. I have met the individuals who run and organize the ride, as well as the many symposiums and conferences run by the YSC. I know the money and resources go right back into what it should go towards, supporting and helping those afflicted by breast cancer. One of the ways the YSC supports me is the actual ride. Whether or not it is intended that riding 230 miles over 3 days gives joy, I am always in a state of happiness which lasts for months after the ride. I feel strong and empowered and alive.

In closing, I am going to ride as many miles as I can, because I can. Because it is an affirmative statement for life. It is a statement we can all make for our children, for our spouses, our mothers, our sisters, ourselves.

Thank you in advance for your support. I truly appreciate your generosity.

Much love,



raised of $2,500 goal


Recent Donations

1. Sue Harmon
Hi Dawn, I apologize for taking so long to donate. I met you in 2016 and greatly enjoyed riding with you and your dad. This year I was lucky to have dinner with the two of you.You and Bill are truly inspirational. Hugs to you both. Sue
2. Jill Smith
It finally let me donate. Ride fast. Be safe.
3. Linda Ambis
4. Lucca Benz
Lynda & Lucca
5. Dee & Leo Fontana
Dawn you are such an inspiration! We love you! Aunt Dee & Leo
6. Christine Tucker
Love you cuz ??
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