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Welcome to Dulce Santiago-Montoya's Page

Dulce Santiago-Montoya 

Dulce Santiago-Montoya

The biggest reason I am riding this year is to cross that finish line!!!
2019 I was convinced by another breastie to join her team. In my mind I was like I can’t ride 200miles!! In the heat off the moment at conference I did it. I signed up. I applied for a survivor bike as I had no bike to my name, nor had I ridden one since high school. Bianchi Damas to the Rescue! I received a bike got fitted and off I went to train. I even signed up for a personal trainer at the gym. I trained and trained then it came to game time.
Day 1: WTF was I thinking??
Day 2 OMG I got this (thanks too the Damas riding with me across the finish line on day 2)
Day 3: Full of confidence riding along then POW! I hit some gravel fell and dislocated my elbow 7mi from the finish. I cried more for the fact I could not cross the finish line with all my bresties. The fact I rode close to 200mi when I thought my body could not accomplish such a thing after cancer.
Now with TDP happening again I am looking forward to the weekend with breasties in what we call the bubble and crossing that finish line and knowing I did that! Its more than just a fundraiser ride. It creates confidence in survivors and thrivers in a way no one will really understand but us.
This year my wife is riding with me. When she was waiting for me at the finish line with our Frenchie, Cleo tracking my progress. Waiting with such anticipation to see me cross with everyone. Then she got the call I was being taken by ambulance to the Hospital. Seeing me more upset about not finishing versus the pain I was in she wanted to make sure she was with me to cross that finish line together the next TDP. That weekend was her first experience with YSC and seeing the camaraderie between bresties really opened her eyes to what YSC is . Its friendships that won’t be broken. Support that no other can give or understand. This is why YSC is so important. Therefore I ride in support of my breaties, the ones still here and the ones we have lost on the way.

There are more than 250,000 survivors who were diagnosed with breast cancer before age 40 living in the U.S. today. They are navigating an already permanently altered life after cancer now compounded by COVID-19. 

I have made the exciting decision to participate in the YSC Tour de Pink Lisa J. Frank Memorial Ride this year to raise funds to support them through the Young Survival Coalition (YSC).
I hope I can count on you to help me reach my fundraising goal. Any amount helps!

YSC is the largest nonprofit dedicated exclusively to young adults diagnosed with breast cancer age 40 and under and their co-survivor support networks. Through educational resources and programming, annual conferences, and local and online support networks, YSC ensures no young adult faces breast cancer alone. For more information, visit

You can view YSC’s audited financials and annual reports online here:

As I get moving for survivors and thrivers, I plan to update this page frequently along with my social media accounts so that all of my supporters can see my progress towards my fundraising and personal fitness goals.

Thank you in advance for your support. I truly appreciate your generosity.


raised of $4,000 goal

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Have a good ride
4. Chad Martin
You're going to kill it this weekend! You Go Girl!!! - The Martin Family
5. Todd Cowle
In honor of my cousin Evan Lerner who has selflessly volunteered his time, his energy and his great big heart for the benefit of others Bravo Big E !!!!
6. John Hennessy
Have a great ride, Dulce...Thank you for supporting YSC John Hennessy
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