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Tour de Pink West Coast WEST COAST RIDE
October 25-27, 2019
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Welcome to Rachel Kelley's Page

Rachel Kelley 

Am I participating in YSC Tour de Pink again? Why yes, I am.
Am I asking for a portion of your hard-earned money to help me reach my goal of $10,000? Again, why yes, I am! Please continue reading to find out why.

This year will mark the 7th year that I am participating in YSC Tour de Pink and will likely be the most impactful one of all. Last December, we lost our friend Andrea, a beautiful soul who touched so many lives. I have “known” others who have been taken by breast cancer, but Andrea is the first person I knew before she had breast cancer and saw with my own eyes, just how it devoured her from diagnosis to her last breath. I ride a bicycle, Andrea rode horses. I had known her for over 20 years, so this year I ride in Andrea’s memory. Not that any life is more precious than the next, it is just that this is one hits so much closer to home because recurrence or metastasis can happen at any time, regardless of how long ago you are first diagnosed. I was diagnosed with breast cancer 13 years ago.

Breast cancer can be a very isolating disease, especially so for a young woman who might still be finishing her education, starting a career, and/or building her romantic and family life. Young Survival Coalition helps them navigate through the effects of breast cancer by providing important resources, connections and outreach so that these young women feel empowered, supported, connected, and most importantly assuring them that they are not alone.

The funds raised by YSC Tour de Pink will help YSC continue serving over 8,000 women each year, focusing on support and education to become their own best health advocate throughout all stages of breast cancer; whether they are newly diagnosed, still in treatment, a long-term survivor or are metastatic (this is when the cancer has spread to the bones, organs, blood or brain and is terminal). YSC also has resources available for the co-survivors.

Where does all this money go?
$25 funds free YSC materials at three healthcare providers’ offices.
$100 provides Newly Diagnosed Navigator books to six women when they need it most.
$250 allows YSC to train four survivors to serve as peer supporters.
$500 funds a survivor advocate in their RISE* training program.
$1200 pays for two young women to travel to the YSC Summit.**

* Respected Influencers through Science and Education (RISE) is YSC’s training and service program for young women affected by breast cancer who are interested in becoming research and legislative advocates to amplify the need for expanded research.
** YSC Summit is a three-day national conference that features inspirational speakers, workshops addressing the unique needs that young women affected by breast cancer face, and special wellness activities. Along with their co-survivors, these young women will find the most up-to-date, evidence-based information and tools while also having the opportunity to connect with a community of other young survivors and co-survivors from across the country and the world.

I would greatly appreciate a charitable donation of $100 or more, but any amount will help, I realize sometimes money can be very tight. If your employer matches gifts, that doubles your donation amount! If you feel this is a worthy cause, please share my fundraising link with your friends and family and/or share the link on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and challenge them to meet or exceed your gift.

Thanking you in advance for your support and generous contribution to Young Survival Coalition.

YSC’s audited financials and annual reports can be found online at

Learn more about YSC at



raised of $10,000 goal


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