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Welcome to Deanna Tanner's Page

Deanna Tanner 

This year I went in for my annual mammogram and was called back in because I have dense breast tissue and the radiologist saw something out of the ordinary and wanted to take another look. So, I went back for the second mammogram, then a sonogram and there was indeed something out of the ordinary on my left side. This is a pretty scary thing to be told. The doctor said I needed a needle biopsy to see if the location was cancerous. Lucky for me, it wasn’t. But one out of ten women are told that they have breast cancer daily. I am dedicating this three day ride to my friend Mary Vencill who lost her battle to breast cancer. She was my idol.

I found out that all of the tests were not fully covered under my PPO medical plan. Below was the total cost:

Total for second mammogram and sonogram:

Total Cost: $1,245.25 In-Network: 763.36 My Cost: 484.89

Total for biopsy and another mammogram:

Total cost: $11,603.30 In-Network Cost: $10,177.61 My Cost: $1,425.69

My total cost: $1,907.58 out of pocket

Being told that you may have cancer was scary and so was receiving my bill!! This ride will ensure that someone does not have to face the full cost of breast cancer and it helps educate young survivors.

This year I have made an exciting and challenging commitment to participate in YSC Tour de Pink, a three-day, 200 mile bike ride for breast cancer. My participation means that I have pledged both to prepare myself physically for the bike ride, and also to raise funds that will go directly to Young Survival Coalition.

Tour de Pink is much more than just a bike ride, it’s a chance to honor survivors, raise awareness that young adults can and do get breast cancer, and to come together as a supportive community.

I hope I can count on you to help me reach my fundraising goal!

Your donation will directly support Young Survival Coalition and ensure that no young adult faces breast cancer alone. YSC offers resources, connections and outreach so women feel supported, empowered and hopeful. YSC is the only national nonprofit that solely focuses on serving young women under the age of 40 affected by breast cancer. YSC serves over 8,000 women each year with support and education to be their best health advocate throughout all stages of breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, and long-term survivorship.

Established in 1998, Young Survival Coalition (YSC) is the largest nonprofit dedicated exclusively to young adults diagnosed with breast cancer age 40 and under and their co-survivor support networks. YSC also educates and influences the medical, research and legislative communities to address breast cancer in young adults. Through educational resources and programming, annual conferences, and local and online support networks, YSC ensures no young adult faces breast cancer alone. For more information, visit

You can view YSC’s audited financials and annual reports online here:

How will your donation help?

$25 could fund YSC materials at three healthcare providers’ offices.
$100 could provide a Newly Diagnosed Navigator to six women when they need it most.
$250 could allow us to train four survivors to serve as a peer supporters.
$500 could fund a survivor advocate in our RISE training program
$1,200 could pay for two young women to travel to the YSC Summit, an annual conference for young women affected by breast cancer and their co-survivors.

Any amount helps!

As I train for this amazing ride I plan to update this page frequently along with my social media accounts so that all of my supporters can see my progress.

Thank you in advance for your support. I truly appreciate your generosity.



raised of $3,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. Deanna Tanner
Registration fee for the 2020 rides has been applied as a donation towards your goal. Thank you for supporting YSC!
2. Sue Nepodal
3. Barbara Johnson
Be safe Deanna and thank you for your energy.
4. Kathryn V.
Good luck to you and your fabulous team!!
5. Beth Linskens
Thanks for all you do for others, Tanner!
6. Bridgette Anderson
You are so freaking amazing, Tanner! I am consistently thrilled, delighted and humbled to be your friend.You seriously shine a bright light in what can be a dark world. So happy to be on this ride called Life with you! Ride on, Badass!

Team Queen Mary