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Tour de Pink West Coast WEST COAST RIDE
October 26-28, 2018
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Welcome to Brandie Lovato's Page

Brandie Lovato 

This year I have made an exciting and challenging commitment to participate in Young Survivor Coalition’s (YSC) Tour de Pink, a three-day, 200-mile, charity bike ride benefiting young survivors of breast cancer. YSC Tour de Pink is much more than just a bike ride, it’s a chance to honor survivors, raise awareness and support important programs for young women affected by breast cancer. I know I can do it with your help, encouraging me along the way and supporting me with a donation.

In December of 2014, at the age of 27, I found myself diagnosed with breast cancer. My treatment included a double mastectomy, a boost of radiation, 6 treatments of intense chemotherapy, 12 treatments of Hercepton, 21 treatments of external radiation and reconstruction surgery. I continue to take hormone therapy treatments, and will take that for a duration of 10 years.

During the beginning of my cancer journey there were times I felt very alone. To me, it felt like no one else my age was having to go through what I was experiencing. Most moms of two little boys, 1 & 3, were worried about nap time or their kids not eating all their food. I was worried about my life and if I was going to have the opportunity to watch my kids grow up. Going into appointments and receiving chemo in the infusion room, I really felt alone and out of place, as most of the patients were much older than me and at a different stage in their life. Most of the time I was the youngest one there with the next person closest in age, maybe 25-30 years older than me. I started to research different support groups and found YSC. What I found extremely helpful was all the resources that YSC offers to breast cancer patients and survivors. The amounts of educational materials and the forums posted by survivors was a go to spot for me and still is. What I loved reading the most was the survivor stories. I finally felt encouraged to know I was not the only person in their 20’s fighting breast cancer. There were even younger women then me going through the journey. Hearing the stories of how other young women overcame this obstacle in their life gave me hope and encouragement to keep moving forward.

Still on this journey as a survivor I go to YSCs website and utilize the resources available. This is what I believe makes YSC different than other cancer support organizations. YSC has resources and education that is specifically geared towards those who are out of treatment. YSC has a post treatment and long-term navigator that has helped me plan for my survivorship care. I am grateful for YSC and the resources that have been available to me.

When I initially learned about YSC, I read information on the Tour de Pink charity bike ride and thought to myself, one day I will participate in this ride. Coming into 2018 I knew I wanted to do a fundraiser to help young women facing breast cancer. I had remembered I wanted to do this charity bike ride but I initially feared if I could ride the 200 miles, or raise $3,000.

One Saturday afternoon, I was riding a borrowed bike and had a strong sense of gratitude come through me. I was so grateful that I was physically able to ride a bike, feel the fresh breeze in my face and enjoy the beautiful day. Right then I thanked God for the gift of my life. The Tour de Pink bike ride popped into my head and the fear of riding a 200-mile bike ride subsided. I thought, I can do it, I can ride 200 miles and I can raise $3,000 for this amazing organization that has generously helped me and other survivors. Even if I don’t make the full 200 miles, I at least have the ability to get on my bike and try. After being diagnosed with cancer, not everyone is as fortunate to physically be able to do a bike ride like this. I ride for all those who aren’t able to and to bring awareness about the disease and how YSC helps young survivors.
As I train for this challenging ride I plan to update this page frequently along with my social media accounts so that all of my supporters can see my progress.

Your donation will go to support YSC and ensure that no young woman faces breast cancer alone. YSC is the premier organization providing supportive services and education resources for young women affected by breast cancer.

Thank you in advance for your support. I truly appreciate your generosity.

Brandie Lovato



raised of $3,000 goal


Recent Donations

1. Stacy Pluto
Happy Birthday Brandie! Your truly an amazing person and an inspiration to so many!
2. Angelica Restivo
Brandie you are an awesome human being. Happy Birthday and I look forward to hearing about the ride. Angelica and David
3. Adelaida Larned
4. Sarah Abell
So proud of you Brandie! Good Luck!
5. Yolanda Sutton
Wow! What a wonderful challenge. You are a flicker of hope for those who will face such a difficult time in this journey of life. God bless you.
6. Ang
Go Brandie!!! I'm so excited that you are taking on this new adventure.

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