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Tour de Pink West Coast WEST COAST RIDE
October 25-27, 2019
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Susanna Kline | The Cyclepaths

Susanna Kline 

Five years ago, at age 35, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

My oncologist asked me and my husband to come together into her office to hear my biopsy results—the appointment time was scheduled for the next morning, 8 am on the day of a snowstorm when everything else in town had shut down but the hospital. This should have been a strong clue, but I was in complete denial about what she was about to tell us.

When she grimly said, "Your results are positive," I looked at her and I said, "For what?"

When you're 35, you don't expect to hear you have four tumors. The next eight hours were a whirlwind of doctor and surgery consultations that I don't remember. I only remember standing on the pedestrian bridge over University Ave. between the cancer center and the hospital with my husband, taking a photo of the snowy road with no cars, because I knew I would want to remember how the snowstorm looked that day. Bleak, and quiet.

That day was followed by eight long months of surgeries, chemo, then radiation. I thought the darkest part had come during treatment, but it came afterward, when, instead of simply trying to survive day to day, and sometimes hour to hour, I had the chance to process what had happened.

I felt very isolated and alone. I felt like no one understood me or knew what I had been through. A few months later, I attended my first Young Survival Coalition (YSC) summit. Walking into a room with 500 other young survivors was powerful. I could see many who looked just like me. Radiation burns, weak from chemo, and yes, short hair and many bald heads. I felt safe, understood, and not alone for the first time in a year.

This is where I met women with whom I will be lifelong friends. We have supported each other for the past four years and watched over each other through recurrences and more treatment, through miracle pregnancies, through hardships and successes, through growth and grieving. And YSC has continued to support us through our long-term survivorship.

That is why, this year I have made a challenging commitment to participate for the second time in YSC Tour de Pink, a three-day, 200 mile bike ride for breast cancer.

Tour de Pink is much more than just a bike ride, it’s a chance to honor survivors, raise awareness, and support important programs for young women affected by breast cancer. I hope I can count on you to help me reach my goal!

Your donation will directly support Young Survival Coalition and ensure that no young woman faces breast cancer alone. YSC serves over 8,000 women each year with support and education to be their best health advocate throughout all stages of breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, and long-term survivorship.

YSC’s supportive services include: in-person support groups around the country, online video support groups, one-on-one peer mentoring, creation and distribution of free educational materials for survivors, co-survivors and healthcare providers, a training program for survivors to amplify the need for expanded research and advocacy, and an annual conference called the YSC Summit. Read more about YSC here:

You can view YSC’s audited financials and annual reports online here:

How will your donation help?

$25 could fund YSC materials at three healthcare providers’ offices.
$100 could provide a Newly Diagnosed Navigator to six women when they need it most.
$250 could allow us to train four survivors to serve as a peer supporters.
$500 could fund a survivor advocate in our RISE training program
$1,200 could pay for two young women to travel to the YSC Summit, an annual conference for young women affected by breast cancer and their co-survivors.

Any amount helps!

As I train for this amazing ride I plan to update this page frequently along with my social media accounts so that all of my supporters can see my progress.

Thank you in advance for your support. I truly appreciate your generosity.



raised of $3,000 goal


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So proud of you and everything you do to help young women fighting their own battles with cancer.
2. Jamey Hansen
Cyclepaths! Go 4 Pink! You rock-All of you! Susanna, My double. You are an inspiration in all the kinds of days. ;) Ride for every life you will and won’t know you touch. It’s your time. Claim it. Celebrate it. Share it.
3. Kris Koester
4. Michael Lowe
5. Denise Childress
6. Kathleen Coyle
Way to go, Susanna!

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