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Welcome to Mark Sanders' Page

Mark Sanders 

After being away from "the Bubble" for a couple of years, I'm very excited to be back for 2020. Also thankful to Barb Greenlee for allowing me to ride with Team Sakura for the first time. So much for being a 'free agent'.

So many of us have been touched by breast cancer. I'm honored to do something about it by committing to participate in YSC Tour de Pink, a three-day, 200 mile bike ride for breast cancer. My participation means that I have pledged both to prepare myself physically for the bike ride, and also to raise funds that will go directly to Young Survival Coalition.

Tour de Pink is much more than just a bike ride, it’s a chance to honor survivors, raise awareness that young adults can and do get breast cancer, and come together as a supportive community.

I hope I can count on you to help me reach my fundraising goal of $4,000!

With this new pandemic "normal" we are living in, it's not fair to ask so many of you who are struggling, especially financially, to give out of what you may not have. So I'm going to try the Bernie Sanders approach (no, I won't drop out) whereby I try to get 400 supporters to donate $10 each. Of course, if you are able to donate more, I'd love that too! I need you all to share this message widely, please. I don't have 400 friends, so it's up to the few of you I do have and all your contacts.

But, for me, this ride is about much more than just raising dollars (which is certainly important). It's about remembering and honoring those who are fighting the great fight as well as those that have fought valiantly but lost. It's for my kids grandmother, it's for my friends, my co-workers, and the people I've met during Tour de Pink. You inspire me, be it in life or in death.

If you can't (or choose not to) contribute financially, you can still help. Please pray for my training. Pray for survivors, co-survivors, and those who weren't able to survive. You can also send me the name of someone affected by breast cancer so I can add them to my helmet (see profile pictures). It would be my honor to ride for them.

My training has begun. Thank you in advance for your support. I truly appreciate your generosity.

Your donation will directly support Young Survival Coalition and ensure that no young adult faces breast cancer alone. Established in 1998, Young Survival Coalition (YSC) is the largest nonprofit dedicated exclusively to young adults diagnosed with breast cancer age 40 and under and their co-survivor support networks. YSC offers resources, connections and outreach so women feel supported, empowered and hopeful. YSC serves over 8,000 women each year with support and education to be their best health advocate throughout all stages of breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, and long-term survivorship. YSC also educates and influences the medical, research and legislative communities to address breast cancer in young adults. Through these resources and programming, at annual conferences, and via local and online support networks, YSC ensures no young adult faces breast cancer alone. For more information, visit



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Registration fee for the 2020 rides has been applied as a donation towards your goal. Thank you for supporting YSC!
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3. Mark Sanders
This is all I could afford to get me started. Please consider adding to this friends and family.
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