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Tour de Pink West

October 23, 2020



The 2020 YSC Tour de Pink in-person rides have been canceled due to the ongoing health risks posed by COVID-19. Virtual Tour de Pink has been created for 2020 to allow anyone to join a fundraising team at no cost to register.

Virtual Tour de Pink is a way to raise funds to support young adults impacted by breast cancer, set personal fitness goals to work towards from your own home, and connect with the inspiring TdP community. Consider setting a personal health goal that is important to you and aim to achieve it. It might be cycling, but it could also be yoga, walking or swimming - it’s up to you!

Fundraising Minimums

All participants will receive their own personal fundraising page and access to our fundraising tools. There is no minimum and there is no maximum amount you must raise. However, everyone who raises $3,000 or more in 2020 will receive a free cycling kit for next year's TdP ride.

Read the FAQ page here to answer your questions about Virtual Tour de Pink.

Why is there an East and West registration button?

Simply because many participants have already set up teams and are actively fundraising on their “East” and “West” fundraising pages. You must still choose to register for either the “East Virtual” or “West Virtual” Tour de Pink, but it doesn’t matter which option you choose.

If you are looking to join a specific team and you’re not sure whether they are an East or West team, you can search for their team name in the search bar above to find their team page. Then click the “join our team” button on their team page.